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Sadie and pups 3/2014
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Bulldog Puppies New arrivals DOB 2/26/14

Sadie's C-Section went very well today. The beautiful babies and her are resting so peacefully tonight.

Cupids English Bulldog Babies are Here

Izzy Bella's Kissing English Bulldog babies will be ready Valentines Day to join new loving families. Izzy has been an awesome Mommy and playmate with her beautiful babies.
The puppies are so fat and sassy. Playful and healthy in everyway.

French Bulldogs have arrived May 2013

Last Weds. My Frenchy Mama had her pups. Everyone is doing great and getting fat and sassy.

Following the Frenchy Mama's

Frenchy Mama (Stripey) is going great. Here babies are getting around really good with all their eyes open. So adorable with trying to balance themselfs as they walk.
5/7/12 New litter from Frenchy Momma (Twinky) She is getting the hang of being a Mommy.  The pups are so tiny and cute.

Following the Frenchy Mamma

My Frenchy that is going to have her pups around April the 22nd is getting so big in her belly. She is a real good Mommy. I'm s0 excited to see her litter.