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Raleigh, North Carolina

At Bulldogs Dig it we are a Outstanding Pet Quality Breeder of English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. We take pride in producing quality canine companions. This means that we are not a volume producer. All of our puppies are hand raised and share our home in a loving environment. They truly grow up to exceptional dogs; brave and athletic but with the sweetest, most playful personality. Our Bulldogs enjoy laying around watching TV with you but they are also well suited for outdoor activities (all puppies are started on the skateboard). If you like to include your dog in your lifestyle, One of our Bulldogs are perfect for you.
Puppies are up to date on vacs/dewormed, paper trained with a 1 year puppy guarantee. Registration papers on all puppies.  Very sweet and loving. I have found that thoughout the years, my pups tend to be healthier because of all the love, affection, and attention they get in my home.

Reproductive Service's   
 At Bulldog's Dig It,  as a quality breeder we have a special interest in natural or artificial insemination (AI)  techniques and procedures for breeding dogs and offer complete reproductive services ranging from pre-breeding observation through high-risk or planned cesarean sections.
Best time to breed
Because all bitches are different, and each cycle can be different, we recommend seeing your bitch within 5-7 days from the start of her cycle to observe her and acquire baseline information. If your bitch cycles quickly, it is better to make the first appointment sooner than later.
Artificial Insemination (AI)
 In addition to natural breeding, Bulldog's Dig It offers artificial insemination (AI) with fresh semen. AI techniques include vaginal insemination. Vaginal insemination is where the breeder places the sperm in the vaginal vault, right at the rim of the cervix. This is most similar to a natural breeding.
When your bitch is due to whelp can be a very stressful time for both the owner and the bitch. There are many signs indicating that whelping time is near (within 12-24 hours), such as:
  • Drop in temperature-we typically have the owners take the rectal temperature of the bitch every 12 hours starting 5-7 days prior to anticipated due date. Usually 8-24 hours prior to delivery, the temperature will have a significant drop of 2 degrees to 97-98° F.
  • Loose stools or vomiting
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Nesting/digging
  • Increased mucoid vaginal discharge
  • Milk in mammary glands
Successful conception, gestation, and whelping are only the first parts of a successful breeding. Neonatal puppies are most vulnerable during the first 3 weeks of life. At Bulldog's Dig It, we counsel other breeders on proper nutritional requirements of the nursing bitch, how to monitor for and prevent mastitis, how to monitor and treat for intestinal parasites, and methods for optimal weaning. We can help with early warning signs of "failure to thrive" or weak pups and provide solutions for giving the pups the best chance possible. Our goal is 100% survival of healthy puppies though the weaning stage and beyond.
Stud Service available
At Bulldog's Dig It Stud Service available for French Bulldog and English Bulldog  breeds, or use your stud for your breeding program.
All breeds apply in natural and artificial breeding (AI) .
Shauna Carnahan

Grayson French Bulldog Male Blue is AKC Registered is up for Stud Service. He has produced beautiful blue carriers. Can produce blues with right Dam. Proven. 

Chewy English Bulldog Liac Tr AKC Registered is up for Stud Service.      He has fathered 2 litters out of the gate and made beautiful English Bulldog Liac Tri puppies. 

Shauna Carnahan Owner and Founder 
Bulldogs Dig It



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English Bulldog Puppy Loves to Skateboard:)